Nicole's Graphics and CADD Portfolio

First Tri-Fold (Breast Cancer Awareness)

    For this brochure, we were just learning the format and how to make one. We had to make it on an event or cause. I chose to do mine on Breast Cancer. I have statistics and information on Breast Cancer and little facts that poeple might not have known before. I aslo included websites and organizations that people could look at for more information. I made sure that I included pictures of the organizations's logos and many pictures of Breast Cancer ribbons. My goal was to get people aware of how common  Breast Cancer was. It also motivates people to get involved and help raise money to find a cure.

Thayer Street Tri-Fold Brochure

    For this brochure, we took a field trip to Thayer Street, Rhode Island. Everyone had a category that they needed to make a brochure on. My category was Cheap Eats. I had to get business information on different businesses that were located on Thayer Street. The three I chose were Johnny Rockets, Antonio's Pizza, and Gordito Burrito. I provided where they were located, business hours, and a little information on what they sold. I put other business's phone number on the back that I didn't include in the brochure but were still in the category. I also made sure that I included a map of Thayer Street incase people didn't know where it was.

Pictures Edited on Photoshop From Tri-Fold

Picture 1

In photoshop, I edited this by blurring out everything but the business I was advertising.  This made the business, Antonio's Pizza, stand out so the reader would know which store out of the three in the picture I was talking about.

Picture 2

With this picture I made the reds in the backround pop more with photoshop.  By making these colors pop, the sign is much more vibrant and more fun to look at.

Picture 3

With this picture, I blurred out the people walking by so that a reader of this brochure wouldn't focus on them, they would focus on the business, Johnny Rockets, that was being advertised.

Picture 4

With this sign, I made the picture have a green tint. The sign is already was green so this made it pop out even more. I then blurred out the pole that was holding it up to draw attention to the street sign more. I also went on paint and went over the letters with the white paint to make the name stand out because it was hard to see.

Photoshop Crowd Picture Project


CD Booklet

Multi-Page CD Booklet